Bob Geldof Taken To Task For Band Aid Single | Music News


Bob Geldof has made the affordable efforts to release another single, for Band Aid 30, the reason being his interpretation of solving the Ebola disease. Reflecting briefly on that last sentence, there are problems all over the shop. ‘Solving the Ebola disease’? Well this is Geldof’s belief in what the single can achieve, he calls it a ‘foul little plague’, which implies his ignorance to the complexity of the disease, and that’s just generally speaking in very very vague terms.


Geldof has struggled with notable criticism for the single, recently from Ian Birrell, a former editor of the Independent and past speech writer for David Cameron for the 2010 elections. In an interview with The Observer he said, “This trite song will raise a comparative pittance, ignores Africans and has a logo implying the virus struck the entire continent. Patronising and perpetuating myths again. Band Aid should have learned its lessons and stayed silent”. The single is said to have raised a million pounds already, that’s something perhaps? But another problem is it all becomes about money. Band Aid, is it needed?



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