Bobby Baker – Radically Changing The Way We Think About Mental Health | Inspiration


Bobby Baker is a performance artist who resides in London. Bobby has a career that spans nearly four decades, she is known as an artist who has created innovative and original art, dealing with mental illness, feminism, and work that seriously challenges social stigmas. Her vital vice for her to express this with is her own dark comedy, which exists within a highly original context. She is one of the UK’s most celebrated performance artists. Bobby Baker’s work is produced by Daily Life Ltd, of which she is the artistic director. Daily Life Ltd is a disability led arts organisation. Okay so that’s the general information. To understand why she is a true original and an inspiration, just take a few minutes and see how she expresses feminism in this video below. Did you know that feminism can be very funny? I know it’s heartbreaking. And if you wish to discover more about Baker, just click this link here.




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