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With Marvel’s up and coming Ant-Man flick already boasting a cast of Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Hayley Atwell, Judy Greer, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, T.I and John Slatterly, it’s awesome news that the brilliant Bobby Cannavale is also part of the team and he recently took the time to talk about his character a little.


While speaking at the Danny Collins press day, Cannavale was kind enough as to delve a little into his part in Ant-Man, while being careful not to spill too much. Here’s what he had to say when asked about his character Paxman; “Yeah. [Paxman] he’s a new character. I mean the whole story is pretty new because the origin story of Dr. Hank Pym who’s the original Ant-Man, that’s Michael Douglas’s character, and so Paul’s (Rudd) character is sort of a protégé. The whole story is really new so he’s a new character”.


The Chef actor then went on to elaborate on the freedom playing a new character avails him, and how much freedom the actors had to improvise within their role; “Yeah. Sure. I mean at least I think that’s true because nobody ever came up to me and said, “Hey, you need to dye your hair red” or something. That was a really cool experience, because as big as that movie is and really as big a production as that was, the actual work in the scenes were really fun. It felt like we were on an indie film. Rudd is one of my oldest friends. Most of our scenes are together, like me and Paul and Judy Greer. And so, both those actors are really good improvisers. Adam McKay and Paul did a big rewrite on that script. So the scenes themselves felt like an indie film“.


“It really felt like a comedy that we were doing. And then, of course, you have those big scenes. I spent so much time in front of a blue screen and that was just a trip for me. I’m not used to that kind of thing. But it was really a good combination of bringing a real off-the-cuff sensibility to a big, huge action movie. That was really fun and I think that probably happened because Guardians of the Galaxywas such a success. So it didn’t feel like I was working in a really serious superhero movie. It didn’t feel like Thor or something like that”, Cannavale concluded.


With Paul Rudd taking on the protagonist role and the general tone on the latest teaser, it’s no real surprise that Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man is taking a comedic turn, it’s actually something I think will work hugely in the film’s favour. As for Cannavale, not only is he a stand up actor, he’s a pretty cool guy so it will be great to see him in the movie, helping develop this new character.


Source: Collider 



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