‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ – An Obnoxious Film Filled With Obnoxious Characters

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a post-modern horror-comedy that aimed to be a satire on Gen-Z and be a subversive horror flick.

Sophie (Amanda Stenberg) and Bee (Maria Bakalova) are a young couple who go to the home of one of Sophie’s friends, David (Pete Davidson) for a house party. They plan to party when a hurricane hits the area. However, there are pre-existing tensions and they get worse when one of them is found dead after a falling out amongst the group.

Bodies Bodies Bodies wanted to be seen as a hip, self-aware film that was down with the kids. What was delivered was an obnoxious film filled with narcissistic characters.

I wanted a slasher villain like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees to smash through the windows and kill everyone in sight. Arguably that was the point of the film because the characters were meant to be selfish, self-adored, fake people but audiences still wouldn’t want to spend time with them.

Bee was designed to be an audience surrogate. She was the outsider to the group, so had no pre-existing relationship with the group, and therefore had no issues with any of them. Bee stood in contrast to everyone around her because of her Eastern European accent, modest dress sense, and quiet demeanour. Bee was the most likeable character in the film by virtue of having a bland personality.

The rest of the cast can be summed up like this. Sophie was a recovering drug addict and had temptation in front of her.

David was showing Pete Davidson does best because he was playing an unlikeable douchebag, whilst Chase Sui Wonders played David’s unhappy girlfriend. Alice (Rachel Sennott) was the most memorable character as the superficial young woman who tried to highlight her issues and had a much older sexual partner (Lee Pace).

Finally, there was Jordan (Myha’la Herrold) who had a standoffish personality. All of them were one-note.

Bodies Bodies Bodies aimed to be a satire about wealthy Gen-Zers, yet it came as a project made by The Daily Wire. The characters threw out buzzwords like ‘gaslighting,’ ‘toxic’ and ‘trigger,’ they were trying to make Tik Tok videos and podcasts and commented that certain people had the ‘right politics.’ It seems like the filmmakers were thinking they were very clever with their commentary but in reality, embarrassed themselves.

The people who made Bodies Bodies Bodies seem like they watched Knives Out because they wanted to twist the Agatha Christie formula.

Bodies Bodies Bodies was a locked room mystery because deaths were happening in a confined area and the killer was one of the main characters. The tension came from the pre-existing issues that raised everyone’s suspicions.

However, Bodies Bodies Bodies came across more like two Family Guy episodes: “And Then There Were Fewer” and “Seahorse Seashell Party.” “And Then There Were Fewer” was Family Guy’s attempt at doing a Christie-style mystery with many of Quahog’s characters trapped on an island when James Woods dies.

Whilst “Seahorse Seashell Party” showed the Griffin family in their house during a hurricane and ended up verbally tearing each other apart. “Seahorse Seashell Party” has been considered one of the worst Family Guy episodes, so not a good sign that Bodies Bodies Bodies brought back those memories.

Bodies Bodies Bodies was a film that thought it was smarter than it really was. It was a film about Gen-Z characters made by people who seem to hate Gen-Z.


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