Bombay Bicycle Club – Home By Now | Music Video


The brand new video for “Home By Now” by Bombay Bicycle Club, takes us back to that primitive stage of childhood, as it echoes with reminiscence of sweet and tender primary school plays. That signifies our journey from cavemen all the way to our revolutionary achievement of space travel. Most naturally we see child actors take on the roles, as they bring the glory to the simplistic stage sets.


The video is a celebration of hope, development and ambition, and the fact that the actors are children, highlight this the most, for example: Do you remember practicing your autograph at school, because you never know right? Musically it embodies this state of dreamy melancholy beautifully, and to add to its richness, singer Lucy Rose is a collaborator on this number too. See the video below or here. “Home By Now” will be released on December 1 and it is the fifth singe from So Long, See You Tomorrow.




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