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Boo Riley – Mango Garry | New Music


Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to Boo Riley, the musical moniker of New York singer, songwriter and musician Austin Lesch. According to the Manhattanite, he “endeavors to create complex yet accessible tunes that draw inspiration from classic rock, 80’s pop, and indie whilst evoking the magic of a California night drive“.

Boo Riley = dirty pop + a splash of 80’s magic + a twist of classic rock


His new single “Mango Garry” is an actual bop! It is the title track from his latest EP, which was released last year. I first heard it on SubmitHub and it is one of the best single tracks I have heard this year, and definitely one of my favourite finds on SubmitHub. The singing is exquisite, the musicianship is top notch, and the songwriting complements the aforementioned elements really well.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Boo Riley says that “Mango Garry” started “as a mispronunciation of a character from the T.S. Eliot poem ‘Cats’, whose actual name is Mungojerrie. The joke aside, my mind began to weave the untold tale of this Mango Gary into something beyond the margins of Eliot’s work.


As I put Mango to the page, I realized that I was writing about myself, as well. I had created a sort of spirit animal. A liminal cat; one who occupies both sides of everything: Life/death, sobriety/oblivion, rich/poor, fiction/reality“.


Listen to “Mango Garry” below.




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