Boomtown With A Renewed Focus On Its Green Mission And Sustainability This Year | Music News

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Boomtown With A Renewed Focus On Its Green Mission And Sustainability This Year | Music News


Festival season is finally upon us – the sun is out and we are more excited than ever for Boomtown 2019! In just eleven years, Boomtown has become a pioneer in the festival scene, reaching new realms of innovation and imagination.


This year, we have a huge range of amazing acts to look forward to – with The Streets comeback tour selling out within minutes, they will be making a highly anticipated appearance on Boomtown’s headlining stage. Hip hop’s leading lady Lauryn Hill will also be heading this year, along with legendary supergroup Prophets of Rage.


The main focus this year is on sustainability, and behind the scenes, they are working hard to make the future of the festival as environmentally friendly as possible. Boomtown is part of the #festivalvision2025, and as such is aiming to achieve a 50% reduction in festival-related annual GHG emissions by 2025.


According to the organisers, “we simply can not continue to consume in the way we currently are, and it’s all of our responsibility to act now and make significant changes to our lifestyles to ensure we come together to protect our world, our environment and our future for the next generations.


Our main priority for this year is to focus fully on what we can do within the festival and our audience reach, we have been completely rethinking the event in every aspect to radically reduce the impact. For 2019 and beyond, we are putting the imminent environmental crisis front and centre of our messaging and deep into the fabric of our event planning and infrastructure“.


As part of their latest campaign, they have also announced that they are banning single-use plastic and closing the loop on disposable packaging – therefore we suggest you either pack your own water bottle or pick up a Boomtown one here.


In order to make this possible, Boomtown will be partnering with Vegware to ensure that food and drink stands will be serving everything in compostable packaging. You can find out more about everything Boomtown are doing this year as part of its green mission and sustainability drive, here.


If you haven’t booked your ticket yet they are still available here – we’ll see you there!




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