Boston Singer-Songwriter BEX Unveils New Single ‘Secondhand Smoke’ | Music News


Boston-based artist BEX has just released her first single of 2020 which follows up on the success of her debut album release in 2019. “Secondhand Smoke” is an alt-pop tune with electronic influences and marks the first in a series of upcoming singles.


It’s interesting how BEX’s musician career will go on, her debut EP Sink or Swim already gained attention and was played by several award-winning radio stations. She stands out with a fusion of multiple genres and styles, including alternative pop, rock, R&B, and even blues.


“Secondhand Smoke” comes with a contemporary pop sound and devotes to the emotional rollercoaster a codependent relationship can cause. This time BEX got even more involved into the musical process and co-wrote the music with producer Bryan Fennelly, next to writing and performing the vocals.


For the instrumentation they used synthetic elements such as real instruments, like guitar and bass. About the inspiration for the song BEX says, ”If you’ve ever felt trapped in a toxic relationship that you couldn’t live with but couldn’t live without, then ‘Secondhand Smoke’ should feel hauntingly familiar”.


In the lyrics she expressed destructive complexities of a relationship and the story of two people who merge with each other to one person. They share each others thoughts and feelings in a way they can not feel for themselves anymore.


Just like secondhand smoke, it’s deadly, but it’s also addictive — which is why it can feel next to impossible to break free” BEX states out about the title.


Listen to the electronic alt-pop release below!




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