‘Bottom’ Star Rik Mayall Pulls In 400,000 On Last TV Appearance | TV News


The former Blackadder and Bottom actor Rick Mayall’s death may have been a complete national shock, but he has still managed to pull in the crowds even after death. TV channel Dave’s comedy storybook program Crackanory pulled in just over 375,000 viewers between 10pm and 10:45pm, 2.3% share of the public audience, when Rick Mayall made his last TV appearance before his death in June.


The former actor said in a post filming interview, “there was a bit of a fuss about it at the time because it was basically a story about a kid trying to poison his grandmother, I did it in a lively way, and there were complaints. So I’m pleased to have been in both Jackanory and Crackanory. That’s pretty cool”.


Mayall died of an acute cardiac event shortly after returning home from a run on the 9th of June, earlier this year. His last TV performance was reviewed by many as a fantastic example of a true comic actor that’s passed. Newspaper The Daily Telegraph said of Mayall shortly after his death, “fantastically vigorous, splenetic performance that emphatically belied his imminent passing… It hardly needed confirmation, but British comedy is a far duller place without him”.



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