Brad Pitt Reveals New Film ‘Ad Astra’ Explores Notion Of Masculinity | Film News


Brad Pitt is the star and producer of James Gray’s sci-fi drama titled Ad Astra. After a two-day delay, it had its world premiere at Venice film festival on Thursday.


The film follows the astronaut protagonist Roy McBride, played by Pitt, on a journey on space to find his lost father. Gray said he tried to do “The most realistic depiction of space travel” ever put to film. But more than a just a space epic film, it may question humanity’s place in the universe through the lens of a very personal trek.


Indeed, at his news conference, Brad Pitt said the movie deals with the modern concept of masculinity. What does it mean? The actor explained that he grew up in a very stereotypical sphere where men have to be strong and not show weakness.


“Having grown up in an era where we’re taught to be strong, not show weakness, don’t be disrespected. There’s a certain value in that, but there’s also a barrier that’s created with this kind of embracing of the self, because you’re denying, in a sense, those pains or the things you feel shame, whether real or imagined […] We all hide and carry individual pain and wounds.


We were asking the question, is there a better definition for us? Does being more open provide you with a better relation with your loved ones and with yourself? At the end of the day, that’s certainly what we were after”.


Thus, Brad and Gray wanted to show a better definition of masculinity, which means for Brad, being more open and vulnerable with loved ones and oneself.


Ad Astra will hit theaters on September 20.



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