Brad Pitt’s ‘Ad Astra’ Mysteriously Pushed Back From May 24 Release | Film News


Brad Pitt‘s sci-fi adventure Ad Astra, three weeks prior to its original release, has quietly disappeared. Originally set for a Friday, May 24 release at Fox, the film has been pulled from the release schedule.


This isn’t the first time the film has been delayed, as it was originally dated for a January release. Fox decided in late 2018 to push it. However, the Disney-Fox merger has likely complicated things. Since acquiring Fox, Disney hasn’t done any promotional work for the movie. No trailer has been released, and considering the film stars Pitt and is directed by James Gray, things have been oddly quiet.


This may simply be because the film is not ready. When there was talk of the film premiering at Cannes, Gray shot down those reports, stating that the film wouldn’t be finished until at least May. That’s assuming there aren’t any post-production issues, and that the complicated visual effects can be completed quickly. That’s a big ask.


It’s now being rumoured that the film may debut later in the autumn on the Venice/Telluride/Toronto festival circuit. No release date has been officially yet as of now.


Ad Astra revolves around a man who journeys across the solar system in search of his missing father, a dangerous renegade scientist. Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Jamie Kennedy, and Donald Sutherland will star alongside Pitt. This is Gray’s follow up to The Lost City Of Z, and he said that Ad Astra would resemble Joseph Conrad‘s Heart Of Darkness.


That sounds tremendously exciting, but it seems we’ll have to wait to experience it. Let’s hope a release date is set soon.



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