Bradley Cooper To Make Directorial Debut With ‘Honeymoon With Harry’ | Film News


Bradley Cooper continues to impress both fans and critics with recent roles in the likes of Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Serena and now new flick,American Sniper. It seems though that Cooper is keen to to get behind the camera as he prepares to make his directorial debut with drama/comedy Honeymoon with Harry, penned by Dan Fogelman and  co-starring both Cooper and Robert De Niro.


According to Deadline, Cooper is hoping to direct the new movie for New Line telling the story of a “formerly self-centered womanizing booze-hound who changed his ways when he met a girl and fell in love”. Drama ensues as the young bride dies shortly after the wedding, leaving the groom to mourn in a dramatic tale.


The film has been floating around for a while, initially with Jack Nicholson and Vince Vaughn in mind, with Paul Haggis to direct. Still, nothing came out of it until Fogelman stepped in to rewrite to fit Cooper and De Niro’s style. This sounds like an ideal story for Cooper to get his teeth into, there’s no doubt the guys a great talent and who’s to know it wont stretch to directing!?



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