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Braids are returning with their new album Deep In The Iris in April. The Montreal dream pop trio lead by Raphaelle Standell which are best know for their first album Native Speaker have found their way back into our ears and hearts with the release of their new single “Miniskirt” which is the first song to be released from the new album Deep In The Iris.


The song reveals a new side to the band, thus if you didn’t know them, you now have the chance to, and well if you do, you’ll get to know them even better. “Miniskirt” starts off with pounding piano bounds, rising lyrical and techno synths alongside powerful self reflective yet emotionally hitting lyrics, “that would leave you face to face with your mirror in a state of deep self-reflection, of your soon to end teen age years or your soon to be adult hood”, and offers a revitalising take on the social eugenics of feminism, and the way in which women are protruded throughout society.


Within this single, more seems to be at stake: words like “chocked”, “bitch”, “womanizer”, “Casanova”, “cause I asked for it” and “Slut” are recurring, as well as lines like “I’m not a man-hater, I enjoy them like cake and if I’m wearing red and if I am you feel you feel you have the right to touch me cause I asked for it”, which is a continuous line that pierces through the track followed by increase in synths rising with each pound of the piano.


The album, which is due to be released on the 27th of April in the UK and the 28th World wide, explores a number of very subjects ranging from pornography to abuse which some some may come across as an eye opener. The album is available for pre-order here, while “Miniskirt” is also available to listen to below.



Deep In The Iris tracklist:


01 Letting Go

02 Taste

03 Blondie

04 Happy When

05 Miniskirt

06 Getting Tired

07 Sore Eyes

08 Bunny Rose



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