Bran Stark Set To Return In ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 | TV News


Game Of Thrones fanatics will be leaping out of their seats, on hearing the news of Bran Stark’s return to the television series in season six. Many viewers were upset and confused as to why the character completely disappeared into the forest after season four – on the back of his trusty fellow Hodor. The return of the ‘Little Lord’ could have a huge impact on the show as the Stark family have been slowly dying out throughout the seasons.


The hope is he comes back wiser, with stronger powers (and possibly some new ones)? He could also rally up the many Northerners who are still loyal to the Stark family and have been keeping their heads down during the war. Although HBO haven’t confirmed his return, Isaac Hempstead-Wright who plays the Stark boy has confirmed it for them. All that’s left to question now is – where the hell is Rickon?!



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