Brandon Flowers – The Desired Effect (Album Stream) | New Music


Ahead of its official release on May 18, Brandon Flowers is streaming his second solo album The Desired Effect online via iTunes. The album features guest appearances from the likes of Pet Shop Boy’s Neil Tennant, Haim singer Danielle Haim and The Killer’s very own Ronnie Vannucci.


Flowers has recently expressed his wish for his music to be played on popular music radio stations: “I can’t believe where radio has gone. It seems to be such a weird world now. Where once I seemed to fit in, now I’m seen as a little different. I used to be considered mainstream, but now I’m almost avant-garde or art rock compared to what’s on the radio”. The artist has also spoken out about The Killers’ band future, stating they will make another record as their recent album Battle Bornwasn’t good enough” and “we all know it”. Stream The Desired Effect here via iTunes.



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