Brandy Sings On New York Subway And Nobody Acknowledges Her | Music News

brandy new work subway sings

brandy new work subway sings


You all remember Brandy right? one of the biggest R&B artists in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, of course you do, well apparently passengers on a subway in New York did not, Brandy is some what hiding under a hoodie and big sunglasses that off guard, even her biggest fan may not twig, but Brandy starts singing a few lines of “Home” from the broadway musical The Wiz proving she has still got it.


After she finishes, the carriage remains silent, we’ve all been on the underground and it doesn’t vary much from city to city, we all sit there and ignore each other and everything that’s happening around us, but a little round of applause wouldn’t disrupt anyone’s day. Brandy does however receive some engagement from a middle aged commuter who tells her, “this isn’t a cold city — this is a warm city, ready to embrace you, you’ve got talent, man”. Brilliant.




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