Brian Helgeland To Direct ‘Button Man’ For Netflix | Film News


L.A. Confidential writer Brian Helgeland is set to direct Button Man for Netflix. Based on John Wagner and Arthur Ranson‘s graphic novel, the film tells the story of an ex-military contractor who becomes a ‘Button Man’ – a hired killer pitted against others in an underground sport.


After initially having success, the man’s relationship with his Voice – a rich elite in charge of each Button Man – sours, and he sets out on a relentless journey to use these twisted elites’ own dark machine against them and bring their corrupt world crashing down.


The comic strip has been published since 1992, and has almost been adapted to the silver screen before. DreamWorks initially had the movie rights, and a 2008 movie release was once rumoured. Then in 2012, Nicolas Winding Refn was reportedly in talks with the studio about directing, but that fell through. Helgeland is now on board with Netflix producing.


The source material is ripe for a film adaptation, although Helgeland isn’t the most inspiring choice to direct the film. He has directed projects in the past, such as the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 and Tom Hardy‘s mobster movie Legend, but they’re usually workmanlike and a little dull. He’s proven to be a far superior screenwriter.


But who knows, maybe Helgeland has something special up his sleeve. No production date is currently set. Attention now turns to who will play the lead role.



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