Brian McFadden To Host New ITV Show ‘Who’s Doing The Dishes?’ | TV News


Brian McFadden will be the host of new ITV show Who’s Doing the Dishes?. The daytime show will show four people who will go to different celebrity’s houses during the week, eat their food and then have to guess the name of the celebrity whose house they’re in. The celebrity host will entertain the guests and watch their reactions via a TV monitor in the kitchen, with each celebrity cooking the meals for the four guests.


The dinner guests will have the opportunity to look around the celebritys’ homes and will be given clues about whose house they are in, during the meal. The dinner guests will be rewarded with a cash prize if they can guess correctly or will be made to wash dishes if they guess wrong. More details will be released closer to the date. In the meantime, viewers can see McFadden co-host a new dating show called Stand by Your Man on Channel 5 later this Summer.



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