Brighton Artist Georgia Blankson Releases New Single ‘Back From This’

Back From This” is the excellent new single from 20-year old Brighton artist and songwriter Georgia Blankson. A musical theatre school and vocals/songwriting college alumni, Georgia comes with a firmly established passion for music that comes from early influences from the likes of Michael Jackson, Kelis and Mary J. Blige, as well as MoTown classics.

Her new single “Back From This” captures Georgia Blankson and her unique range and timeless vocal dexterity perfectly, while ushering in what we can expect from her on her musical journey next year. This is her third official single, with each track showing us a new sound and different perspective to her artistry. Her sound can best be described as a blend of R&B, neo-soul and contemporary jazz.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Back From This”, Georgia Blankson says, “Writing ‘Back From This’, was a massive emotional roller coaster for me because I’m so used to writing about others peoples stories, or perspectives in my music, I wrote ‘Back From This’ in the heat of a moment where I was completely heartbroken and I used this song as therapy, putting my emotions on paper and it really lifted the weights off my shoulder“.

Listen to “Back From This” below:


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