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Brighton singer and songwriter Fable just came out with her brand new single titled “Womb”. This single was released with Naim Records and is one of the tracks that should be featuring in her forthcoming debut album.


Starting off very slowly with drums, an electric guitar, and electronic sounds that bring all vibe to the song. The singer really slides onto the track and brings us into her world. Regarding the lyrics for “Womb”, it has the interesting subject of the cycles of life of a woman.


It discusses a woman’s monthly experience with cycles, how they feel, how they live with it and cope with it. As Fable explains: “The seasons of the female body are often not acknowledged in the structure of our lives and society lacks respect for the trials and tribulations of womanhood“.


Going even more deep and personal on this track, Fable has really honest lyrics that talk about a quite ‘taboo’ subject in society. Every woman has a different experience and tries to find a routine to cope with it and of the constant change of the body.


Regards the actual sounds and influence of the song, it was “influenced by my love of Dub and sound system culture; my Mum would play Linton Kwesi Johnson through her bump when she was pregnant with me and it’s been a comfort ever since”, she adds. Building from a beguiling verse into a throbbing chorus and a bridge that swarms with headbanging dread.


The singer has quite an unusual course and life. Holly Cosgrove – her real name – was born and raised in the Devon resort of Paignton. She later moved to Brighton to reinvent herself as the electro-rock entity that became Fable.


She has performed at Glastonbury, has done an EP in collaboration with Archive, which had real success and really created her personage and put forward her talents.


At the death of a very close friend, the singer’s life changed drastically, and re-started her career with a brand new vision on life and on her music. She only recently signed with Naim Records, and well, the music they produced together is something. So we will have to wait to listen to her debut album but we can guess it is going to be something great!


Listen to “Womb” here:




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