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Uk singer Amber Dee has just released her brand new single titled “Happy Place”. She goes through, with the song, a honest storyline where unhappiness is not a way to live. To be happy you have to make your own choices even though you may have learned to not speak up too much.


Having bad days is normal, and taking a step back to think about what makes you really happy should also be normal. That is what Amber Dee is here to tell us throughout this song, that even though it may not feel like it all the time, you’ve totally got this.


She is really spreading all of the good vibes with her new single “Happy Place” like the title actually. As she explains her feelings about this year: “This year has been quite a year… But do you know what, there are always challenging moments and I think not only has music helped me through all of those but learning to take a moment to step back and take a deep breath has helped massively“.


As the chorus arrives, she sings: “I close my eyes and focus / Breathe it all away / Just give yourself a moment / And find your Happy Place“. So again taking time for yourself is really the message here, to find your happiness, it isn’t going to be giving to you without making choices for you.


Amber co-produced the track with the artist Le Montais. It is one of the first tracks she produced, which is a brand new way for her to discover and work on music.


Hailing from Bristol, Amber Dee is an up-and-coming vocalist, songwriter and producer, whose music has been described as “A Sunday afternoon with just the right amount of groove“. Amber Dee is a young and fresh talent in the music industry. With many other projects to come, the UK singer is ready to make herself a household name!


Listen to the cheerful song “Happy Place” here:




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