British Alternative Band SpaceAcre Release New Track ‘Chemicals’

An incredible journey to Normandy, which brings an unexpected result. This is what happened to the British duo SpaceAcre, an alternative band composed of Phoebe Little and Jas Scott.

These two incredibly talented artists decided to undertake this new path while in the middle of the English Channel, on a ferry back to the UK following a writing camp in Normandy. Jas’ experimental approach to music brought a new way of writing and making music into the band, affecting Phoebe and opening her mind to many new possibilities, also learning how to fill their music with personal stories.

In 2020, SpaceAcre produced its debut EP Overthrown, discussing the difficulties of the battles we fight with ourselves, and the complexities of relationships, discrimination, conflict, queerness, and prejudice.

On September 15th, the British duo returned releasing a new track, “Chemicals”, which is also the title track of SpaceAcre’s new EP.

As Phoebe claims “Chemicals” is “about how chemicals can affect someone’s brain, whether they are naturally occurring or not. It has a multi-layered meaning as we all have stuff that we’re addicted to. Often when writing, we’ll be thinking about a subject, maybe something quite personal, and I’ll just get Jas to rant about it for a while. I’ll then note down the interesting bits and we write the lyrics from there“.

SpaceAcre’s new song blends Phoebe’s candid and comfortable voice with Jas’s electrifying musicianship, creating a seductive melody. Pianoforte, falsetto, drums, and electronic are mixed together to give you the perfect soundtrack to be transported into different reality.

Listen to “Chemicals” on Spotify below.


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