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British singer Juliette Ashby has just released a new track called “Why”.


“Why” is a track with a very catchy melody, and Juliette’s voice and the rhythm of the track will stay in your head for hours, making you want to listen to it again and again. With a rootsy reggae melody and a vintage feel, the track takes us into a very positive and warm atmosphere.


Juliette Ashby is a British artist and songwriter with a unique voice and talent. She has collaborated with producers for Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin and many other big names. But she is best known for her role in the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy.


Today, Juliette continues her career in music with the release of her next album, which includes the single “Why”, and will be released on September 24.


The singer has also decided to record and release several different versions of her single “Why” accompanied by the Swedish production duo Roots in a Jar, with international artists such as Aleks Syntek, Carmen Pierri and Daniel Lemma.


Every Friday in May and June, a new version of “Why” will be released. Something to prepare your playlist for this summer!


Listen to “Why” below:




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