British Band Eades Have Dropped Their New Single ‘Saying Forever’ | Music News


With their debut album coming soon, the lo-fi band Eades have recently released their brand new track “Saying Forever”, a danceable, new wave inspired single that will make you want to stand up from your desks and join the party straight away.


After performing with different projects from all around the UK, Harry Jordan has recently formed a full band with fellow musicians Jof, Tom, Dave and Dan, that have spent years playing in various bands across the country as well.


Influenced by artists like Talking Heads, Thin Lizzy, Velvet Underground and The Clash, Eades’ music blends garage rock, new wave and post punk elements, creating engaging tracks with lo-fi vibes that go amazingly together with Harry’s vocals.


In their latest release “Saying Forever”, the five-piece group from Leeds fight what are relatable anxieties about the future with powerful disco-punk vibes and inspiring lyrics. About the track, they said: “Coming out of uni we were all going through a lot of anxiety about our futures, particularly in music”.


Whether you are also struggling with anxieties and doubts concerning your future or you have it already all figured out, you will definitely enjoy listening to this fresh and energetic track.


Listen to “Saying Forever” here:




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