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On July , rapper Kay Greyson from Newcastle brought us her latest three track EP titled Paris. The EP and the included lead single are a new milestone in Greyson’s career.


Through her music she connects modern hip-hop with skills of the golden age. Thereby her sound refers to Conscious hip hop and the vibe of Lil Uzi Vert and Mos Def.


Kay Greyson is 22-year old and according to her reputation she’s the hardest working artist in Newcastle. During her youth Greyson was already rapping and performing on stage. In the beginning she supported hiphop legends like The Game, KRS One, DJ Yella and Akala, but now she’s primarily concentrating on her own art.


Because of her engagement and exuberant live performances the past years she got the award of Newcomer of the Year at the 2019 Journal Culture Awards. Now the EP Paris offers a further insight into her thoughts.


The lead single “Paris” stands out the most and is a relaxing hymn to freedom. In the lyrics Kay Greyson sings “the rain comes down but I don’t care, I let it fuck up my hair, it won’t fuck up my mood, no no boy it won’t dare, no no boy it won’t dare, no no boy it won’t dare”.


Furthermore she strongly relates to the EP’s topic and sings “I ride around Paris on my bike, on my bike” repetitively, even though she never went to Paris before. “My hole life I’ve been fucked up, I need a little bit of good luck“ she’s telling trough the lyrics, but “just tonight“ she made peace with her life.


“Paris” is driven by piano keys and a rhythmic drum beat. You can perfectly listen to the song on a rainy day and loose yourself into deep thoughts and beautiful music.


Stream “Paris” now and watch the corresponding video below:





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