British R&B Newcomer Myyora Releases New Single ‘Feel’

London-born artist Myyora has released a new song titled “Feel” which she claims to be like one of her post-it notes.

She talks of the song as it is something for her to hear non-stop as she wrote it as a reminder not to bottle up negative feelings and for her to aim for complete freedom.

The song talks about knowing that you have to let yourself go and heal in order to grow and glow. As for the sound, she says that she wanted to recreate something a feeling of freedom and a sound that would make her move with joy.

Myyora has roots in France, The Congo and England but her biggest root is to the music. She spends most of her time in between worlds, from edgy urban London to an eco-friendly garden centre in Provence. She blends music genres and excels at it, being known as a songstress of the soul.

Her music tastes like poetry and her dance numbers are sublime. She is filled with passion and she questions the existence of social norms and rules that bind us. Her messages are deep and touch the listener’s mind in an unforgettable way.

Listen to “Feel” now:


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