British R&B-Soul Artist Kristie Killick Unveils New Single ‘Foolish’

“Foolish” is the new single from British R&B-soul artist and songwriter Kristie Killick, taken from her recently released debt EP titled Green Street, which is themed around broken systems, lost love and perseverance.

The new EP and focus track “Foolish” comes on the back of her last single “Sunflowers” that has amassed over 20,000 streams on Spotify, as well as recent collaborations with UK funky house producer Roska and spoken word artist Nego True.

Kristie is known for her soul-rich storytelling and meticulous metaphors, with her music being described as truths through mellow, soul rich rhythms accompanied by cut throat couplets and double entendres, through which she shares her bitter-sweet life experiences.

As she puts it, “Music for when life gets too much, for when love turns toxic and has you panicking about something you’ve said, music for when you’re down to your last change and stressing about how you’ll get to the job you hate but have been trying your hardest not to lose amongst the madness – music for those times I think”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new single “Foolish”, Kristie Killick says, “It’s a reminder – don’t forget who you are, where you’re going and for what you stand. It represents discipline, moral and value in a world surrounded by temptation and it stands to remind yourself – it’s never too late to do the right thing, to make better decisions“.

Listen to “Foolish” below:


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