British Singer And Songwriter Gabriela Eva Releases New Single ‘Feng Shui’

British singer and songwriter Gabriela Eva grew up in the Essex countryside and was encouraged to express herself by powerful female vocalists and her mother. She was frequently excluded from the school curriculum because she was dyslexic, but by teaching herself guitar and exploring the arts, she grew empowered to build her own path.

Her borderless songwriting, which includes influences from Bonobo, Nina Simone, and Lianne La Havas, is a hybrid combination of electronica, hip-hop, neo soul, and alternative pop. Her purpose, as a dyslexic, is to promote neurodiversity and to appreciate it.

Her new single “Feng Shui” is based on ancient Chinese philosophy, which employed feng shui and astronomy to discover connections between humans and the universe. In the song, feng shui is used as a metaphor for finding one’s mental balance and internal compass. This idea is linked to lobbying for neurodiversity, as neurodiverse persons are frequently left to their own devices.

Because the educational system was not designed to support alternative thinking, neurodiverse students were traumatised and marginalised. To combat this, Gabriela Eva promotes a positive and educative vision of neurodiversity through her music, art, and live performances.

Listen to her new single “Feng Shui” here:


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