London-based singer Sans Soucis has just dropped a brand-new single entitled “Air”. The electro-pop track was produced by the singer in her home studio, alongside Davide Shorty. It’s the first extract taken from her forthcoming double EP set to be out in 2021.


“Air” kicks off with a richly textured electro-beat paired to pulsating choral harmonies, and the result is a haunting, deeply atmospheric accompaniment to the artist’s poignant lyricism. The song evolves sonically, as Sans Soucis’s impressive vocals disclose a clear message of protest, against an era of human disconnection and destructive self-doubt.


The inspiration behind the song is the artist’s own insecurities, and she comments: “I spent quite some time wallowing in my insecurities and fear of failure, that I almost forgot how much courage it takes in a time like this to be real, to still believe we can inspire each other, to believe we can support and help people around us by simply being a great example. It’s a tremendous responsibility that I can only actively do while I am alive”.


She continues: “Air is vital for our survival, which is something that we’ve started reconsidering during this tough year. With this song, I am trying to talk to someone who has lost focus, their compass or purpose”.


Sans Soucis moved to London in 2016, but her music remains very rooted in both her Italian and Congolese heritage, which creates a unique style genre-defying and hard to categorise. She has already released two EPs, her debut EP The Lover in May 2019 and its follow-up Unfinished in April of this year.


This song is quite promising, and we hope that her next piece will be as pleasant.


Go listen to “Air” right now:




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