Britney Spears Confirms New Single And New Song Titles | Music News



Just over two weeks till Glory, Britney Spears‘ ninth studio album, is released, and more details about the project begin to leak.


Online blog Popcrush announced that Britney’s next single, following the flawless “Make Me…”, will be “Clumsy”. It will be released tonight and has been described as “a dance floor pulverizer of massive proportions”: will this banger be able to take over the charts after an underperforming first single?


Through an exclusive interview with her official fan club Britney Galaxy, Miss Spears unveiled two new song titles: “Invitation” will be Glory‘s opening track, and Britney defined it “the perfect track to kick off Glory”, whereas “Mood Ring” is a urban-infused smash hit, produced by DJ Mustard.


Glory shapes up to be an incredible album considering the variety of producers and sounds it promises to have – at the moment, no song has been crafted by the same team. We are ready for a glorious comeback, Britney!



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