Britney Spears Officially Requests To Remove Her Father As Her Conservator | Music News


Celebrity pop singer Britney Spears has filed papers with the courts, officially calling for the resignation of her father Jamie Spears as her permanent guardian.


Britney’s father Jamie Spears has been in charge of the singer’s guardianship of her finances and personal life since 2008. He stepped down as her personal guardian in 2019 due to health reasons, with Jodi Montgomery, a care professional, replacing Jamie Spears as her personal curator.


However it seems that Britney Spears does not want her father to manage her finances and has not wanted him to for some time. According to People magazine, she would like Jodi Montgomery to continue to manage her affairs alone on a permanent basis, and she would like to stop having her father, who currently oversees his daughter’s estimated $60 million, as her financial guardian.


Montgomery’s role, if made permanent, would involves Spears’ health care, medical history and insurance as well as restricting and limiting visitors to the singer, while also retaining caretakers and security guards for the singer.


For some time now Britney Spears has been supported by her fans, who have created the #FreeBritney movement, her fans would like to see her freed from her father’s grip.


Last August, the singer filed a petition stating that she did not want her father to be the sole manager of her interests and finances. The next hearing in the Britney Spears case is scheduled for April.



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