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Love University is the superb R&B and Urban mixtape from stardom bound artist Brittany Tiera and the official release for this highly anticipated debut has been causing quite the commotion since its national release. There is no shock as to why since this mixtape is pure genius and it showcases Brittany’s smooth, sensual and melodic voice and the entire mixtape is utterly intoxicating filled with soul, passion and diversity providing something for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy.


Love University is a mixtape about fresh love and the feeling you get when falling in love for the first time, which I think is an experience most listeners can relate to, whether it’s for the good, the bad or even the ugly, but at least its an emotion we as the audience can share with Brittany. The mixtape also features an array of other talent that lifts it to even higher levels with emerging emcee Regular Rell “Vepco” making an appearance and then there is production from The Dezperadows, Gumonsole Music, The VIPs and Koalition, creating nothing but ground breaking material for us to relish in.


Brittany also includes an array of unique covers including Usher’s “Good Kisser”, Schoolboy Q’s “Studio” and Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”, which further accentuates her diverse artistic talents, and how captivating her vocals really are as she provides simply stunning twists on these well known tracks. Every song on the mixtape, from the title track to “Rewind”, “Footprints” and “Reconsider”, is different, but maintains the flow providing so much passion and body rolling rhythm, that when listened to in its entirety, unleashes an intense poetic explosion.


Keep your eyes peeled for this young emerging star because the beautiful Brittany Tiera will be introducing original material off of the Love University mixtape and her forthcoming album, by being featured in some very prestigious upcoming shows and tours. Listen to the mixtape in full below.




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