BRNFKD – Sixteen | Music Video

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BRNFKD have released a new CG animated music video for “Sixteen” featuring Camille Michelle Gray. The visuals were created by multimedia artist Clarita Luzian (Render_Fruit),who has worked for the likes of Frank Ocean (Novacane) to Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards intro video.


Clarita says the video features “Genderless mates; the intention is to see the pure action, without veils, without conditions, without differentiations”. She expands:


“The song was very inspiring for me and speaks about love, about being IN love. I took the immense sense of that word-monument and dived into its waters…there is no gender or other distinction that can separate us from love’s magnetic fields.” About the technical aspects of the video she explained “The software I used is Cinema 4D. I built all the scenes, texturing and lightning. Then I worked the post in After Effects”.




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