Brockhampton – I Been Born Again | Music Video


Surprise! Your favourite ‘most unconventional’ boy band is back again! Brockhampton have released a brand new single titled “I Been Born Again”, two weeks after their announcement about an upcoming album expected for this month.


Brockhampton is a California-based rap band formed back in 2015 by Kevin Abstract. “Gay, black, white, DIY, ambitious, all-inclusive, and would-be pop stars” is how Complex magazine describes this unique band, which has been proving since they first started that diversity is the key to create a very original and distinctive sound.


The number of band members has been fluctuating through all these years and so has their music style, but from their first mixtape All-American Trash until their last album Iridiscene, Kevin has always known how to keep the band’s essence in every track they have released.


Following the success of their 2018 LP, which reached to the Number One spot on the Billboard 200 chart, Brockhampton will be dropping their new album GINGER anytime soon and you can now have a taste of it with “I Been Born Again”.


The track is a captivating almost whispered rap about bad habits, money and childhood and it is accompanied by a B&W music video directed by Spencer Ford, where you can see the members rolling across the floor as the camera rolls too in a spin-dried one-sequence shot.




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