Brockhampton – IF YOU PRAY RIGHT | Music Video


Brockhampton’s new album is getting closer and closer to its releasing date and the popular boyband has just gifted us again with a second track from the upcoming LP Ginger, titled “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT”, accompanied by a music video to match.


Only a week ago, Brockhampton shared “I Been Born Again”, the first official song from their forthcoming fifth album. Following the success of their 2018 Iridescene album, the track continued in the album’s vein.


Now, the “best boyband since One Direction” has thrilled their fans once again with “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT”, a new taste of their upcoming work. The song title is a reference to Nina Simone’s “If You Pray Right (Heaven Belongs to You)” and it approaches different topics but keeping religion as the main one. From Buddhism to Jehovah’s witnesses, group members dig into a wide range of controversial religions’ elements.


The music video is directed by Spencer Ford, who had already collaborated with the band in the “J’OUVERT” music video. Featuring amazing vocal delivery from the group members, exceptional production techniques and reinforced by a visually-stunning teaser of an upcoming Kevin Abstract-directed video, “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT” is more than likely to become an international banger.


Even though there is not an exact publication day for the album, Ginger is supposed to come out before the end of August. Brockhampton’s leader Kevin Abstract recently said “We want to make a summer album. Feel-good. Not too sad and like, ‘Oh, our life sucks,’ just more like, ‘Just enjoy what’s in front of you’”.




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