Brooklyn Alternative Duo CUTTS Release New Single ‘All My Life’ | Music News


Alt-Pop duo CUTTS have released their new alternative single titled “All My Life”. The song is another step in the career of the Brooklyn-based artists and a homage to lost experiences.


CUTTS consists of vocalist Lillian Cutts and producer Peter Bonaventure. Since their forming in 2017, they already gained attention with several singles and their combination of deep songwriting and electronic sounds.


Furthermore they reached over 4 million streams on Spotify and made it onto over 20 editorial playlist. On YouTube, CUTTS have gained about 2 million views. The story behind their latest track “All My Life” leads back to the wedding of Lillian’s twin sister. Lilian wrote the song for the first dance of the couple, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebration got cancelled.


CUTTS released the track anyway as a way to express the feeling of missed experiences we all have to live with. “All My Life” is a soft and sweet ballad with wistful undertones. “To me it represents the peace you feel in finding someone who you can fully love”, vocalist Lillian adds.


The alt-pop duo is usually known for different, darker understanding of romantic. The only reason for a love song this kind where because of Lillian’s twin sister. “No one is closer to me than my sister, and when she told me they didn’t have a song for their first dance, we figured we would just write them their own” Lillian says. Listen to “All My Life” below.




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