Brooklyn Artist And Songwriter BAYLI Releases New Single ‘Foreigner’

BAYLI is a Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter, who has been mentored by Rick Rubin and helped her develop her anthemic production and captivating tunes. Following her band’s 2017 debut and big tour with DNCE, BAYLI has launched her solo career with a bang.

BAYLI has also had a lot of success working with commercial film/TV sync and creative partnerships including Bose, HBO, ABC, Nickelodeon, AT&T and The Brooklyn Nets, amongst many others. She has now gone on to become one of Warner Music Group’s most promising new songwriters, penning songs for the likes of Jesse McCartney, AfroJack, Duckwrth, Giveon, Mulatto and a slew of other artists.

Her new single “Foreigner” is a sensuous yet melancholic pop moment that links BAYLI’s Stories From NY project together, reflecting a true life experience in the city, and follows up on her latest track “16”, which shows her progression/talent from personal pop to pop bangers.

BAYLI’s momentum has only been accelerated by the turn of 2021, which began with the beat-heavy uplifting self-realization song “Not Safe”. BAYLI later teamed up with ILoveMakonnen for the June 2021 release of “SICK!” – a slick summer tune that earned praise from PAPER, them., and FLOOD, while highlighting Pride Month and Black Music Month.

The EP encapsulates the compelling narrative BAYLI has revealed over the past year, with her Brooklyn roots at the heart of the project. It is centred in NYC, but draws influence from international art and design.

Speaking about her EP, BAYLI says, “New York City is a difficult city to grow up in because there is so much talent here that it is easy to go overlooked. I believe it encourages us to pursue our dreams and concentrate on what we can control. In the blink of an eye, your next-door neighbour could be a big fashion designer or the next viral artist. If NY teaches you anything, it’s that it’s impossible to succeed without focus and determination”.

Listen to “Foreigner” here:


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