Bruce Willis To Star In Original Tubi Film ‘Corrective Measures’

American ad-based streaming platform Tubi has announced its first original movie, Corrective Measures, an action film that will star Bruce Willis.

Based on the graphic novel by Grant Chastain, the film follows the prisoners of San Tiburon, a dangerous maximum-security penitentiary and home to the world’s most treacherous super-powered criminals. Willis’ Julius ‘The Lobe’ Loeb is the most notorious among them, a super genius sitting on an untraceable fortune.

While one of the wardens shows a deep interest in The Lobe’s riches, the fragile peace of the prison is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Payback, a murderous vigilante, and Diego Diaz, a driver on a trumped-up sentence. As tensions among the inmates and staff heighten, anarchy engulfs the prison and order is turned upside down.

The movie will be directed, written, and produced by Sean Patrick O’Reilly, making his live-action feature film directorial debut. He said in a statement:

Corrective Measures is a project I’ve been wanting to see come to life from the pages of Arcana’s graphic novel series for a long time. Overseeing this project from script to screen has been an incredible journey, and to have my live-action directing debut at this level with so many talented cast and crew is truly a dream come true.”

Willis’ recent career has been strange. When he works with a name director, like M. Night Shyamalan in Glass, Rian Johnson in Looper, or even Edward Norton in Motherless Brooklyn, he’ll deliver. But the rest of his recent filmography is made up of straight-to-video action films where Willis usually only appears for around 15 minutes.

Since 2014, he’s “starred” in 16 direct-to-video releases, and has plenty more lined up. These films, usually shot overseas, have been dubbed ‘Geezer Teasers’ and look to cash in on the popularity of older action stars, even though they only briefly appear in the finished product, usually after a highly-paid single day of shooting.

So it’s hard to know whether Corrective Measures will be a project that actually stars Willis and a film that he actually puts effort into, or a Geezer Teaser. One imagines Tubi would want to actually put effort into their own Original, but the film does sound pretty similar to many of Willis’ direct-to-video output.

The film is expected to arrived in the middle of 2022.


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