Bryan Cranston Buys TV Rights For ‘Dangerous Books For Boys’ | TV News

Bryan Cranston buys TV rights for ‘Dangerous Books For Boys’


Award-winning Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has bought the TV rights for the bestselling book Dangerous Books For Boys. Cranston will star in and produce the TV series through his company Moon Shadow Entertainment. The book includes many short stories aimed at modern male children, although, it has also proved to be a major hit with girls and women. It teaches them things such as building go-carts, identifying insects and flying paper airplanes, the book also includes famous battles, historical figures and other interesting facts. The TV series will focus on three boys who try to figure out who they are, all without their fathers. Conn and Hal Iggulden wrote the book. Cranston’s production company has a deal with Sony TV which could potentially be the channel the TV show is broadcasted on.



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