Bryan Cranston Interrogated In New Poster For ‘Trumbo’ | Film News


A new poster for Jay Roach‘s upcoming Trumbo has been released. Bryan Cranston is to star as Dalton Trumbo, a true-life screenwriter during the 1940s who was jailed for being a communist following  his refusal to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee – who managed to win two Academy Awards during the ordeal for The Brave One and Roman Holiday, writing under pseudonyms. Helen Mirren is to co-star as Hedda Hopper, a gossip columnist and Trumbo’s nemesis.


The film is to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and set for wider release in November. Trumbo also stars Elle Fanning, Diane Lane, John Goodman, Louis CKMichael Stuhlbarg, and David James Elliott as John Wayne, another of Trumbo’s true-to-life nemeses. You can see the new poster, which teases questions that Trumbo refused to answer, below.




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