Bryan Cranston Rumoured To Be Considered For ‘Star Trek 3’ Villain Role | Film News


Another day, another rumour and this one’s pretty juicy. With a power house team behind it, including Justin Lin directing and Simon Pegg and Doug Jung writing, there have been little confirmed news about Star Trek 3, with just a few flying rumours making their way online. Well, according to Film Divider, there will be a “Bryan Cranston-like” character in the villain role with “Cranston himself having words” with Paramount about playing the character. Interesting…


The site also claims that Star Trek 3 will also introduce three new major female character including the captain of another Federation ship, the President of the United Federation of Planets as well as Bones’ ex-wife. Film Divider also claims that Paramount is “looking for somebody with the energy and vitality of Chris Pine” to play the female ship captain. My suggestion? Emma Stone, it’s always Emma Stone. The site also claims that Bones’ ex-wife may be characters Pamela Branch, Jocelyn Treadaway or a completely new character all together.


With the completely unnecessary underwear scene featuring Alice Eve‘s character in Star Trek: Into Darkness, it looks as if Paramount are trying to make up for that mishap by bringing in some seriously strong female character. As for Cranston, I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t want to see him in a villain role so this is actually one rumour I’d like to see come true. A girl can dream. As for the other female characters, who would you guys like to see? Star Trek 3 is set to open on July 8, 2016.



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