BTS’ RM Drops New Self-Composed Song ‘Bicycle’ | Music News


For the 2021 version of the BTS Festa, the band’s annual celebration of their debut anniversary, RM has some surprises in store for us.


The two-week event had something mysteriously called “Bicycle” scheduled for June 7, which has left fans thinking that a new song may be unveiled.


This Monday, BTS social media revealed the track that RM personally composed and arranged with John Eun. This is RM’s first solo release since 2018 and his Mono mixtape.


The singer explained his inspiration for this song, “I’d always wanted to write a song about bicycles… my heart always flutters when I ride a bicycle, but whenever I place my two feet on the pedals, I also always feel a bit sad. Maybe it’s because there are many things I miss… I, too, don’t quite know the reason


[Riding a bicycle] is the rare time when I feel most physically free. I wanted to transfer that hazy scenery, which always remained out of reach as I rode my bicycle ever since my trainee days, to a song. Those sad but exciting, slightly cold but also warm feelings”, he added.


This new song follows Friday’s release of a pair of new remixes of BTS’ latest single “Butter”, the group’s second English-language song following their hit single “Dynamite”.


Listen to “Bicycle” below:




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