Buck London + Raheem Bakare – All For You | New Music


Following the release of his summer single “La La La“, Today sees the release of the brand new track “All For You” from rapper Buck London which features the efforts of R&B singer Raheem Bakare blessing the hook.


In context of the overall narrative of the song, “All For You” doesn’t sound like anything else out at the moment, especially with it’s hints of the Caribbean. Buck allows us to enjoy the summer vibes for just that bit later as his flow cruises on this easy beat and he performs his ‘hood serenade’. Adding Raheem Bakare’s sweet vocals is instant game-changer


Speaking on the record, Buck London expressed that the song was solely based on his imagination “I use my imagination a lot when writing music. I can create a song about something and strictly use my imagination. It was more how the beat made me feel and the vibe at the time.”


“All For You” is bound to capture the ears of any listener and eyes of the viewers, gearing us up for an exciting year from Buck London.




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