Bugzy Malone – Watch Your Mouth | Music Video


Bugzy Malone, the much respected emcee from Manchester, comes hard with new video “Watch Your Mouth” from his forthcoming E.P Walk With Me. The 0161 man drops his witty video with backdrops of his manor while cooly telling us why he’s the man to watch in the north right now. Grime is at its highest and most profitable for artists, looking back ten years ago, there has always been talented rappers but their growth has always been stunted by large record companies who didn’t understand the music that was on the street.


Since the coming of age of the internet, those companies have been cut out and the listener and consumer can now hear the creative imagination of British rappers. Grime has set the UK apart from the American rap scene, drawing audiences from over the globe to the fresh beats and intelligent word play of the British emcees. Grime is here to stay and is not going anywhere, watch Bugzy’s new video below.




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