‘Bumblebee’ G1 Image And 1980s Setting Explained By Christina Hodson | Film News


Christina Hodson, writer of Bumblebee has given her reasons for the 80’s element in the upcoming Transformers spin-off film.


At Comic-Con, she explains that by depicting the story in 1987, it would be paying a tribute to the original Generation 1 animated series, The Transformers. That, and the fact that it helps the time narrative flow, placing Bumblebee on Earth 20 years prior to Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots.


Hodson, goes onto explain how she wanted to tell “a pretty timeless story with this one”, a film which “felt like they could exist anytime”. For Hodson, the 80’s were a natural fit as this was the decade of Transformers and the introduction of everyone’s loved, small yellow Autobot: Bumbleebee.


As the film is embodying the beginning of Transformers, Bumblebee’s new G1 retro look now makes sense. The new look originates from the ‘Generation 1’ toys released in 1984, whereby Bumblebee had a classic VW bug design.


This is as opposed to Bumblebee’s cooler and more modern look in previous Transformer films. The classic look will take the Autobot back to it’s origin and presents a more softer and shy Bumblebee in the upcoming film.





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