Buscabulla – Métele | Music Video


In November 2013, Dev Hynes highlighted the difficulties the LGBT community face in New York on the Blood Orange project Cupid Deluxe. His interest in the subject along with the documentary-style music video that continued the concept has returned, but this time it’s to promote up and coming Puerto Rican duo Buscabulla in their new single “Métele”, which Hynes co-produced with the duo.. The video is directed by Dan Sickles and Dr. Antonio Santini and is also part of a unique documentary called Mala Mala, which demonstrates the struggles of transsexuals in Puerto Rico.


Like in their previous single “Sono”, Buscabulla (Spanish for “Troublemaker”) still stick with Spanish lyrics but Dev Hynes has added a signature atmospheric and nocturnal vibe of synths and sharp drum hits to the production that makes them sound like a different band altogether. It’s a far cry from the psychedelic bossa nova jungle of “Sono” but is still gorgeous. The song “Métele” can be found on their 2014 Kitsune released EP. Watch the video for “Métele” below, and discover more about Buscabulla here.




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