C.P. Company Joins With One Block Down On Iconic Goggle Jacket | Fashion News


C.P. Company joins forces with One Block Down to collaborate on the iconic Goggle Jacket. C.P. Company were founded in 1975 by designer Massimo Osti, who works with military-inspired outerwear using innovative techniques and design.


Their most iconic piece was the ‘Mille Miglia jacket’, also known as “Goggle jacket” released in 1988. This piece includes two clear lenses on the hood and one on the wrist, for the wristwatch.


Now, Lorenzo Osti and Paul Harvey, designers for C.P. Company, searched through the origins of the Italian sportswear brand and with it the creation of the iconic Goggle Jacket using its latest fabric and construction techniques.


The C.P. Company invented their footmark, the Re-Color process, that consists of an innovative garment dying process that gives the material a worn-in look. The brand has since introduced their footmark fully, using it on the new exclusive tangerine orange Chrome Goggle Jackets.


If you want to buy it, visit their website.


Check out the piece below:











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