C. Tangana To Perform Free Concert After Bilbao Show Gets Cancelled | Music News


Spanish artist C. Tangana has announced he will offer a free concert for his fans in Bilbao after his scheduled performance at a music festival in the city was cancelled.


Antón Álvarez, best known as C. Tangana, is a Spanish rapper who started his music career in 2006 under the artistic name Crema. However, he rose to fame with his international hit “Mala Mujer” two years ago. The single became a summer banger worldwide and was certified platinum.


On Thursday, the rapper took to his Instagram profile to protest against “institutional censorship” after his concert in Bilbao had been cancelled. The city government vetoed his performance at the festival due to multiple complaints about C. Tangana’s controversial lyrics. It isn’t the first time that the artist has received backlash against his verses, which many people think are really sexist and degrading to women.


“Censorship and prohibiting are not the way to educate. In my music there are a lot of women…the women who listen [to my music] are no less feminist than any others. They are women who decide for themselves what roles in films, songs and novels they want to identify with. I talk a lot of shit in my songs. Think for yourself”, Tangana posted in response to his ‘haters’.


After he was confirmed to perform at the festival, a popular organisation took it to change.org to start a campaign against his concert. People started complaining about the rapper misogynistic lyrics. “I wish you die, b***h, I just want a blowjob, someone call my lawyer”, “I cause your b***h an indigestion, I make her be quiet and go down” are some of his most controversial verses.


Despite the government veto, C. Tangana has decided to perform anyway and he will do it for free the same day he was supposed to perform at the festival. The concert will take place on August 24 at Bilbao’s Sala Santana Club and the show has been confirmed by his publicist to Billboard.



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