Cadet 13.03.2016ANDREW


Taken from Fumez The Engineer’s hotly anticipated upcoming collaborative project, The Mix-Tape, comes Cadet’s “Grime God”. The Mix-Tape can be expected to come out Sunday, March 13 (today). The song, the beat, is wild, street and electronic.


The rapped vocals of Cadet aid the intensity of the track, leaving little bars left unpunctuated during his verses with an incessant flow. There is a refrain at the end where he just vibes, spoken word, having already done his power of work.


The video is taken in the studio, but is not your typical recording booth footage. The camera work is erratic, as frenetic as the track’s rapped verses, swinging from side to side violently as if Cadet’s raps and hand gestures are willing the camera to move of its own volition.




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