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The emerging singer and producer CAii from Manchester takes inspiration directly from her life, with her difficulties and struggles to create music. Music was always a form of therapy for her. She has just released the song “Problem” where she unveils herself under a strong limelight that makes her imperfections and troubles shine.


“Problem” is autobiographical as, through her music, she retraces her path to find the strength to carry on despite all the things she has experienced, from mental health issues, toxic relationships and everyday personal challenges.


CAii begins singing with a deep and sincere voice as she’s making a close confession to her public. There’s a quite guitar which sustain her voice with strong beats that give her voice expression the right force to keep singing with power.


You are so f****ng perfect” she keeps saying to herself. It is clear the influence of artists such as Banks, Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana.


She finds a complete expression of herself in a dark and rough songwriting that is at the same time able to fit her voice and the electronic pop vibes of the song. The song “Problem” is from her last EP The Tangle, which also features previous singles “Fuel” and “Stuck”.


Problem is the moment you realise that the person you love doesn’t care about your feelings at all and is walking all over you. All the feelings of anger and hurt come out at once when you see that they show no accountability and lie to you to get their own way. It’s an empowering track about finally seeing things as they are“, she concludes about the track.


Listen to the song below:



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